South Africa HIV Data Triangulation and Use Training of Trainers

March 17, 2015 to March 20, 2015

Goal: To achieve the goals of the National Strategic Plan 2012-2016 by assessing and mapping HIV program coverage and impact at province, district, sub-district and municipality levels in order to improve HIV programs through evidence based strategic planning.


  • To identify HIV linkage to care strengths and gaps
  • To encourage the use of data in service and resource planning at the facility, sub-district, district and provincial levels.
  • To improve the quality of reporting especially at the facility level
  • To build capacity in facilitating this training to other audiences


Workshop materials

Start of workshop evaluation

End of workshop evaluation 


South Africa KML Mapping Files and facility coordinate data

Files to download: South Africa KML Mapping files

FusionTable files (click on link below and make a Copy in Google FusionTables): 

Local Municipality 2011: LIM, MP, NW, NC, WC

Local Municipality 2011: EC, FS, GT, KZN 

District Municipalities



City of Johannesburg

SA Coordinate data output_29Oct2014.xlsx


Workshop Files


Facilitator Files

Facilitator Guide.docx

Google Forms Presentation MG.pptx

MP Experience on Data Triangulation 20 March 2015.pptx


South Africa HIV data use resources