South Africa HIV Data Triangulation and Use Workshop

April 30, 2015 to March 31, 2016
South Africa

Goal: To achieve the goals of the National Strategic Plan 2012-2016 by assessing and mapping HIV program coverage and impact at province, district, sub-district and municipality levels in order to improve HIV programs through evidence based strategic planning.


  • To identify HIV linkage to care strengths and gaps
  • To encourage the use of data in service and resource planning at the facility, sub-district, district and provincial levels.
  • To improve the quality of reporting especially at the facility level


Pre-workshop assessment 

Post-workshop assessment and evaluation 


Workshop materials

Google Fusion Tables User Manual and Video Tutorials



South Africa KML Mapping Files and facility coordinate data

Files to download: South Africa KML Mapping files

FusionTable files (click on link below and make a Copy in Google FusionTables): 

Local Municipality 2011: LIM, MP, NW, NC, WC

Local Municipality 2011: EC, FS, GT, KZN 

District Municipalities



City of Johannesburg

SA Coordinate data output_29Oct2014.xlsx


South Africa HIV data use resources